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Intelligent Mobility International (IMI) is a 501(c) (3) social enterprise that seeks to empower individuals with disabilities by designing and producing safe, durable wheelchairs and mobility devices suitable for the terrain in developing countries.
IMI draws on a volunteer base of talented design and engineering professionals. Its founders are alumni of the California Institute of Technology, Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California and Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

IMI is launching two key programs, IMI Wheels and IMI Seeds. IMI Wheels’ goal is to design and produce innovative mobility devices. IMI Wheels will start in Guatemala where Whirlwind Wheelchair International reports more than 55,000 physically disabled people need wheelchairs. Committed to supporting local economic development, IMI will train people with disabilities at its partner shops to make the mobility devices it has designed.

The goal of IMI Seeds is to promote independence in the disabled community through economic development programs. Its initial focus will be to monitor and measure the economic impact created by IMI’s innovative mobiiity devices. In addition, IMI's pilot program in Guatemala will work with existing organizations to create entrepreneurial opportunities by providing carefully chosen wheelchair recipients with microfinance loans.

Through innovation and collaboration in products and social programs, IMI is helping to empower people with disabilities.


“After review, I am convinced that INTELLIGENT MOBILITY INTERNATIONAL (IMI) is developing a product and unique business model that will potentially have large scale influence.…

INTELLIGENT MOBILITY INTERNATIONAL personifies the innovation potential at Caltech."

Jean-Lou Chameau, President