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Inteligencia Móvil Internacional de Guatemala or “IMI Guatemala" is a non profit association that seeks to help people with disabilities in Guatemala by providing low cost and locally assembled wheelchairs.

IMI Guatemala is the pilot project of the U.S. non-profit Intelligent Mobility International, or “IMI. The idea started from a collaboration with students from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and students from Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City. After a great first 10 weeks, the group grew to include students from another California based university, the Art Center College of Design, and soon after launched IMI.

As the first in-country subsidiary of IMI, IMI Guatemala creates a local presence, allowing for the best possible manufacturing, user feedback and appropriate design in the creation of our wheelchair. IMI and IMI Guatemala work together to create and develop an affordable, ergonomic, durable and low cost wheelchair, designed and assembled with wheelchair users in Guatemala.

IMI believes that supplying mobility can change lives. With the help of a low cost, appropriate wheelchair, those with limited resources can regain mobility and live an active and
productive life.
Our task is to empower people with disabilities who are living in both urban and isolated rural areas to have the tools to become reintegrated with their communities.

To partner with local designers and in-country disability NGOs throughout Guatemala to produce low cost wheelchairs and mobility devices, supply training, and offer job opportunities.