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In Guatemala, 55,000 of the population need wheelchairs to become mobile again. And of that figure, half live in rural areas. Our commitment is to create a low cost and locally assembled wheelchair that can reach the largest number of people in the country. Our ideas and experiences have taken us to our newest design: the IMI-TRANSITIONS wheelchair.

This wheelchair was born after many design iterations that used bicycle frames to build wheelchairs. After field testing, users pointed for the need to revise this design direction. While maintaining the low cost and locally repairable features that using bicycle components brought to the design, the new wheelchair is a completely new design that was co-designed with local wheelchair users. Through the Transiciones and IMI Guatemala partnership, the new design direction was launched to create a new “low cost locally designed, and locally made" wheelchair.

This wheelchair is designed for those looking for an entry level chair or to replace a donated chair that is unsuitable for the terrain in Guatemala. Its shape and components are perfect for a light or heavy adult and can be used in all terrain. It’s light, rugged and ergonomic.

By involving local designers, manufacturers, materials, and suppliers the chair helps to support the local economy and the use of local materials makes the chair easy to fix in any shop.

This is a design by Guatemalans for Guatemala.